Painters Palette

 1. Fundamental of Drawing

We grow the Student’s ability to draw the fundamental drawing skills like shape/edge, measurement, light (value), and space (perspective). And we also help the student’s to overcome about the doubts if they have, with accuracy and confidence.


2. Still Life Still life drawings

To create visual effect still life drawings of non-living objects will be arranged in a specific way. Commonly still life objects include things like flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other foods and beverages.

3. Figurative Drawing

Figurative drawing also known as life drawing, is an artistic technique focused on capturing the human form. In this figurative drawing student will learn muscles, anatomy, textures, and postures, with figure drawings of both nude and non-nude subjects.


4. Canvas Painting

On canvas student will learn oil painting.


5. Visual Art

In Visual art, student will learn art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and others, which is focused on the creation of works that are primarily visual in nature.

6. Perspective for interior and exterior

Perspective drawing is a system for representing three-dimensional space on a flat surface. The one point perspective depicts a building or interior space with one side parallel to the picture plane. Two Point Perspective: Exterior. It works by following consistent geometric rules for rendering objects as they appear to the human eye.